Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Update of my review of IMG Academy Golf and Country Club from September 15th 2013

I had the pleasure to play this course again last weekend, being October 13th 2013.
Everything I wrote in my review about this golf course on September 15th 2013 still applies. However, there is two things I can add now.

This time I actually ordered myself a sandwich at the half way house. First I thought about a hot dog. But at 4 $ and with what I saw she had as fixings, I thought I am better off with a sandwich. It did not look to good.

I decided to get a ham sandwich with all the fixings on rye. In my mind, she had those ready to go and I thought it will take me a second to get it. That would have been great, because it was my turn to tee of first. However, she did not.

She asked what I want on it. I told her, everything she has available. Meaning, mustard, mayonees, ketchup, tomato. lettuce and onions.

Next I saw her taking out the bread and putting mustard on it. next the ham , then lettuce and tomato. I am not even sure if there was onions on it. For sure there was no mayonnaise. But I did not say anything because I had to go.

So I waited for her to get it done and bring it. Which she did after cutting it and putting it on one napkin. How should that work out for me? I am playing golf, riding a cart and have birds trying to get it. I can not believe the did not wrap it. I  actually had to ask for that and the lady did seem surprised.

I paid my 5 $ plus a 1 $ tip and was off to tee off.

The bread was OK, a little dry. The mustard was plenty, but I missed my mayonnaise and my ketchup. The lettuce was brown on all sides , which was not inviting. But being hungry, I ate it anyway.

Overall I will not buy a sandwich there again.

After the round I went in the club house. This time I was able to have a beer. They have some good drafts. The beer was cold, glass was clean and server friendly. I had Stella which is a little more. Totally forgot the mandatory service fee, which they apply to members and non members alike. Not a good thing because it is almost 2 $, but not a surprise also. I still gave the server an extra tip. Not exactly a cheap beer, but if you sit with friends after a round of golf, why not. Some guys ate something.

I saw a couple cheese burgers with fries. The burgers looked great, the fries looked like they were a kids portion. Since I did not have them I can not tell you more about it, but surely will update that once I get to it.

The view from the bar and restaurant was perfect on that day and I am sure that is why you pay a little extra. It would not be a place where I would sit for longer.

I have to mention, that I was a member for one summer at this course. The food which they serve on events for members was always very good, so I want to believe it is good at the bar. But after the half way house experience with this sandwich, I would not bet on it. Next time I will eat something and let you guys know.

If you have eaten there, let me know or write a comment.

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