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Is the Nike Sport II Golf Bag a good golf bag? - short review on the Nike Sport II Golf Bag

The Nike Sport Cart Bag II

( you find some more photos from my own bag in this short article).

After a few years with a staff bag and then with a cart bag from the company I worked for I was tired of those huge heavy bags. I needed something I can put on a cart and also carry on my push cart. Something light, with plenty of compartments, looking sporty and for a good price.

I got lucky. When playing the Sarasota City Championship I was able to win my flight and win a pretty good gift certificate. When I went shopping there I looked for the bag I wanted and  got lucky again, I found just the bag I needed and described above.

It happened to be the Nike Sport II Golf Bag. I liked it right away. The color, the weight  and all the compartments. Pretty much exactly what I was looking for.

So I decided to get right away and what I deal I got. 139 $ plus tax.  I did check online and found prices from 139 to 169 plus shipping.

It has been a few months now since I got this bag. I play and practice every day. So I can assure you, my bag gets plenty of usage. On the course and on the range. I walk and I ride carts.

First the compartments.

This bag has plenty of them and they are nicely organized. I can hold everything I was holding in my large staff bag with ease. But I make it a point to only take what I really need. What is really nice is, that this bag looks slim ,but if you want to take more stuff  the two large compartments extend and let you put plenty of items in it. I really like the cooling compartment on the side. Also the pencil holders are convenient. I play tournaments often and need to carry enough balls, rain gear, snacks, drinks and so on. No problem whatsoever.

Club area

I always was thinking about getting tubes. But this bags has dividers right build in. So you can sort your clubs nicely. The dividers to not go all the way down. so if you want to really separate your clubs, you need to add tubes. But I am totally happy with the set up as it is.


This bag is super light. I love it. Many round I actually walk using my push cart and at times it got really heavy. Not with this bag. I can make it as light as I want by not carrying my closet with me. No doubt that I could carry this bag for the entire round.


I think it looks sporty, fresh and streamlined. Just as I wanted. I like colorful on the course and do not like boring golf bags. This bag you see and it is not imposing.

Quality of product

For the price you get a decent golf bag. Because it is a light sporty bag, the material is thin and it is more build like a stand bag. However, the material they use works for me. It all depends on how you treat your bag. I might play all the time and use the bag all the time and even travel, but I do take care of my bag and do not throw it around and watch where it stored. Also I have a pro travel case to protect it.

The entire bag is made light and not as durable as in the days. But hey, for that price? What do you expect. Some people might have this bag for a couple years and it will be gone. I easily will get 5 years out of it and only have regular wear.

Only thing I could find as not that great was on the small bags where you put your wallet etc. Look at the photo:


When you look at the zipper area you will find there is some spots which are frayed. That is poor quality. So I am not to happy about that. But that is the only spot where it occurs.

One thing which really did and does not help me is, that the bag does only stand upright on a very flat service and if not loaded. Otherwise it tips over often.

When I go practice for 3 or 4 hours around the green, I need to lay it down. That is not my favorite here in Florida, with all the ants and stuff. However, I got used to it and can live with it.

I am not sure if I would buy the bag for 169 $. But The Nike Sport II Golf Bag is otherwise a good bag for the player who takes care of his things.

Here are some more photos.


Find even more info on the Nike Website

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