Saturday, March 9, 2013

How good are Wilson Staff Duo Golf Balls

Over the past 20 years I played plenty of different golf balls. In the beginning I did not care at all what golf balls I played. Most likely I bought the cheapest brand and then played. It took years before my teacher back then explained to me what impact it could make to chose the right golf ball for me. Now, 20 years later, I know hat I need and what I am looking for. Until recently I played the Bridgestone 330 RXS. A great ball, which I will write about another time. But the price was not very appealing in the long run. So what I was looking for was a ball which has feel. Off the tee and around the green. A ball which I can spin. A ball which give me the impression that I am in control. Some of you might say, sure, Titleist Pro V 1. True, this could be a ball for that. But based on compression and other data, this ball is of no benefit to most amateur players other then status. Then it came on the market. The Wilson Staff Duo. First my thought was the same as yours probably is. Another cheap ball which claims to be pro material. However based on the price, I decided to give it a try for a few rounds and some practice. Took out to different courses and practice greens. One word: Amazing! This ball offered me by far more feel then any of the Bridgestone balls I played for years. Especially around the green, which is most important to me, but also off the tee. I am happy to report, that my spin rate around the green increased dramatically with little more effort. Giving me much more control when chipping and on every shot from 100 yards or less in to the green. Further, when putting I can actually feel the ball of my putter face. Last, when hitting my driver I clearly felt the connection with this ball. I could go in all kinds of technical descriptions, but my goal is to keep it simple. You can find plenty of product description on their website and on the following links. In my mind, this is a great ball for a great price. Offering soft feel around the green and off the tee. You might lose some distance because of spin, but you will not feel it much. If you are looking for a ball which performs on a professional level, this is it. Do not let yourself get caught up in advertisements on TV. Take it from a player who tried them all. Find some great offers to buy them following this little review. A great place to buy for good prices and some free shipping. You can get them in yellow as well. This vendor is one of our favorites because of delivery and how they work. Playing the right golf ball is important. But certainly the most expensive and most talked about golf balls must not be the one right for you.