Monday, November 25, 2013

Eastwood Golf Course in Fort Myers, FL - Driving Range practice on November 18th 2013

Eastwood Golf Course 4600 Bruce Herd Ln, Fort Myers · (239) 321-7485
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We are on the road a lot. Mostly for business all over Florida. One of the places we visit often is Fort Myers. Since most of the work is done by my partner, I find time to practice along the way. I try to visit different places to learn more about the golf courses in different cities.
This time I did a online search trying to find a range which was close to our hotel and public.
I found Eastwood Golf Course. We called them to find out if it is public and if I could practice there for a while. We were told that it was no problem to come by and use the range.
I arrived at the course around noon . It was not very busy. Walked into the pro shop and was served right away. Not too friendly and not unfriendly. I was told about pricing and where I could find the balls. I bought two tokens at 3$ each. That gave me about 65 range balls.
The range was wide open. Of the app. 20.stalls only 4.were occupied. I picked one towards the left side or lake side. The boxes had good room. Also they had some plastic stand for clubs and bag. They had grass tees only, which I prefer.
Unfortunately the grass was not in good condition at all. There was some grass, but mostly it was sand and soil. Not very nice for iron practice.
They had about 5 targets of low quality, but at least they had some.
The range balls were old and used. So do not expect to do your distance chart there.
I did a good practice session with what I had mostly working with woods.
After the range I found the putting and chipping green. It was of great size and they had a smaller one a little bit offside the building. I stayed around the bigger one. It had all kinds of elevations, great view on the lake and 6 holes. Spend a good amount of time chipping and there was never more than 3 players. Did some putting as well.
The green looked good and had good speed. You cans do all kinds of practice there. Only the huge presence of ants I did not like at all. They did not do a good job in terms of pest control. But, I stayed away from them and was fine.
They have a snack bar there with hot dogs and refreshments. Since I did not buy anything I can not write about it.
The range is not of best quality and the balls are certainly very old. However, it was nice and quiet and for 3 $ a bucket it is a fair deal. If I am in the area again I will go there again. Next time I pick a different spot and will check out the grape they have for practice.
Worth to be mentioned was the pro shop. They had a good selection of items considering they are a city course. Following are some photos I made.
Eastwood Golf Course Driving Range is nothing special, but it works and the price is reasonable even in season. So I might visit again. Really liked the views around me.
That was my view from my tee box on left side of range
Looking to the right from the same tee box
View to the left from my tee box. Pretty nice.
This was my tee box. Not of the best. Mostly sand.
View from my tee box to large putting and chipping green
Large putting and chipping green
For rates and further info about the course visit the official website of Eastwood Golf Course