Welcome to Achim's reviews - just a few words about my review blog

Thank you for stopping by. It will take a while to write about all the products I tried, use or used. But I will do my best to not only write about my experience but also add updates as they come along.

Just because a product performed in one way at one point, does not mean it did not improve or got worse after a few months.
Whenever I write something, it is truly my own experience. I do not test products for a day or so. I use them over a period of time to make sure, that I experience the product more then one time. I believe that I can give my best opinion on something when using it more often.
Also I would like to remind everyone, that my reviews are based on personal experience. So there might be differences to experiences others had with the same product.

But that is the nature of reviewing and that is what makes it so much fun and helpful.

I like when people engage with me and talk about what they have to say. When commenting in my blog it is important to me that there is no spamming involved, no negative conversation other then experiences about a product or service.

My reviews are made for people who never bought or used a golf product or service or for seasoned golfers who use it all the time. Both can gain information from my personal experience.
When I write, I truly write without relying on my knowledge, but focus on the experience 100 %. I am not saying that others do not do the same, but over the years I have read hundreds of reviews which clearly were written by authors who never used a certain product or never have been to a certain hotel or course etc. ( The news just brought info that they will file legal actions against companies and people submitting false reviews).

It is easy to figure it out and I find it concerning. Often misleading the person reading it into buying something not based on a review reflecting experience, but on a review written to motivate them to buy a product or service.

Now, this does not account for all reviews I have read. There is plenty of great articles and blogs out there and over time I hope to post links to many of them.
But meanwhile. Enjoy, comment, communicate, ask.
Thank you,

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