Short profile of the author of achimsgolfreviews

Name: Achim Siegfried Triebel

Age:  45
Golfing status:  Amateur
Handicap:  7 or lower
Experience in golf business:  over 20 years
Experience in customer service:  over 20 years
Experience in Sales:  over 25 years
Experience in writing reviews :  over 10 years
Goal: with this blog: Help others to make better decisions for them!
Mission: Write 1000 reviews

Born in Germany I came to the USA in the early 90s. First working in the wood industry I started working in the golf business just 1 year after getting here. I never stopped playing golf or working in this industry since.

Over time I acquired experience in sales, club making, teaching, advertising, customer service and playing tournament golf.

I can say that I have extensive experience and knowledge in all of these fields plus great knowledge about products and production.

This knowledge and experience I now put to work for customers and companies. For customers to help them make good decisions for them based on facts and experiences. For companies to help them understand their customers in what they need, want and look for.

In the end, it is about creating win-win situations. A situation where the customer is satisfied with a product or service in relation to the price he paid and a company with the profit and long term success they gain.

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