Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Links Golf Course at Greenfield Plantation in Bradenton , Florida - How good is the golf course and what does it cost to play

Being part of many skins game groups gives me the opportunity to play all over the area on a regular basis. With high expectations I was anticipating a nice match at Waterlefe about 3 weeks ago, just to find out that our match was moved to the Links at Greenfield Plantation.

At first I was not too excited about the change, but then I remembered that I played this  golf course about 3 years ago with a friend and thought that this will bring back some great memories and I can check on the course and how it developed. After all, I am a golf nut and like to be up to date.

I arrived about 1 hour before my tee time because I wanted to check in and war up for a few on the driving range.

First I dropped of my bag and a very friendly young guy took care of it. Putting it on a cart and telling me where to find my cart when I am ready. I liked that he was very friendly and did not give me the feeling that he wants to get big tips or so.

View from the area where you pick up your cart.

Next I went into the clubhouse. It is not exactly a big or noble clubhouse. But it was clean, organized and I liked the lay out. I immediately went into the pro-shop to pay my green fee.

Main entrance to clubhouse.

I was pleasantly surprised that I only had to pay 19 $ plus tax for the round and I added some balls for a couple of dollars. When asking for the driving range I first was told , that the  original range was closed and that they have three mats right behind the clubhouse from where I  could hit balls into the water.

But when I came down to my golf cart the cart boy told me that there is a range a little out there and I need to drive there with the cart. I followed his instructions and about 10 minutes later I actually arrived there. The trip to the range was very beautiful. Birds and lots of nice landscape.

It was a range with water balls and they were in good shape. Good warm up. We even had a gator in the lake we were hitting into.

After a short warm up I was ready to go and found my group. They have a nice putting green. Large size and in good shape.

I will keep the course review short and clear.

The tee boxes were ok. Probably saw better times. But they worked out and you could find flat spots on almost all of them.

Typical tee box

The fairways were ok but would need some work and update. Also I do not think they actually mowed the fairways on that day. They are wide open for the most part, which makes this course enjoyable for all kinds of players with different handicaps.

The greens were slow and were not cut on that day as well. Overall they were ok and green with some having some issues. We could putt but at times you just did not know how fast it will be and where the ball will go.

Photo of green, did not take photos on the course

The landscape was nice but all the water bodies need some update and work. They are nice but I do not think they are taken care of all the time.

Landscape view Links of Greenfield Plantation

Besides the landscape you will find homes of different sizes along the golf course.

In all, The Links at Greenfield Plantation are ok for the price of 19 $. But they should not charge any more because you can play excellent country clubs  of much better  quality for the same price and sometimes less.

In terms of beverage cart. It was nice to see it come by at least 3 times in one round and the prices were fantastic. 2 $ for a beer and any other drink. Reasonable priced and cold. The beverage cart girl was friendly and nice. The clothing was not exactly country club style, but ok.

After the round we all met in the clubhouse again for comparing scores and for a cold beer.  The little lounge area is actually cozy and they even have a little bar area. There is draft beer and soft drinks. Not sure about the food. But they did have hot dogs. I did not order one, but saw another player have one. The dogs looked ok, but the condiments were sad. Looked like in a gas station just with much less things to pick from. The price was 3.50 $. Too much for what the lady offered.

The beer was cold and tasted  good. The price was also ok. The lady behind the counter could use some energy and a few smiles. She did not look very excited to be there and when giving her a tip she did not say a word. So , no tip next time.

Used the bathrooms on the way out. They were clean. There was lockers and everything is pretty old and would need some update. But most important to me was , that the place was clean.

Overall, I had a good time, liked the course for the price, found it all clean and friendly. Not a course which I would play often. But if a match will be played there I would be going if I have not other tournament or game going.

If you find a good deal online, a website or find a coupon  or  want to try something  new  go and play the course. I heard they are working getting it back in shape and up to date. When I stop by there again , I will write updates as they come.

Last here is the score card of the course.  

Visit their website for more info.