Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Practice Stick - a great practice tool Made in USA

The Practice Stick - great caddy for your short game practice

(find a short video at the end of this article)

Do you practice a lot ? Are you planning to practice a lot of short game? Do you  have back problems or afraid that you will get them because you practice putting and chipping and pitching a lot?

Well, I know exactly what it means to constantly bend over and reach down when around the practice green. I practice all the time and my practice consists 80 % of short game.

Can you imagine to play about 200 to 300 balls a day around the green and pick them up in between? Well this is what I do and I can assure you, it gets to  you.

So my first solution was a shag bag. I used to practice on the driving range where I started many years ago with it. It works great, holds plenty of balls but has one big disadvantage: It is bulky and big. Also it is pretty hard to take along.

So I started to look for a better solution.
A device which helps me to pick up my balls, is light and easy to carry.
Was no surprise: The Practice Stick.
Luckily I just had won some money at a tournament and got one at the shop.
This plastic tube is light, holds up to 23 balls and is very easy to handle.

On the bottom there is a little mechanism with a spring which makes it very easy to pick  up your balls after chipping, pitching or putting.

The Practice stick is easy to take with you. I have a bag with compartments and I simply turn it upside down and slide it in. That simple.

I filled it up with the same brand of balls ( 23 of them), so I get the best of my practice time. Since I never lose those balls, they stay nice and in good shape. After all you only work with them around the green.

Made in USA , my Practice Stick is very durable. I now use it for 3 months pretty much every day and pick up an average of 120 balls per session with it. The spring works great.

No more bending, no more senseless practice with old and broken range balls and I have it with me all the time other than when I am playing tournaments.

So, if you want to improve your game, you need to practice a lot around the green. The Practice Stick will help anyone who had back problems, afraid to get them or is of age. It is like having your own driving range with you around the green. Your own caddy as well.

The Practice Stick comes in all kinds of price ranges and I am sure there is all kinds of names for it from different companies. I have the original one because it is Made in USA. It cost me about 17.99 $ as I recall and it is worth every penny.

Improve your short game faster with this little helper.

Video of myself using The Practice Stick


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