Tuesday, October 8, 2013

FootJoy ProDry Golf Socks - how good are they? Unbiased review of FootJoy golf socks

FootJoy ProDry golf socks low cut - # 1 sock in golf ( statement by FJ )

To play your best golf, you need to feel comfortable.

When I say comfortable, I mean you need to like the way you feel about your equipment, about your preparedness and what most people forget about your clothes.

When talking about clothes I am not suggesting that you necessarily need to like the looks of what you are wearing nor that you need to buy the newest fashion or most expensive brands.

What I mean is that you need to feel comfortable in what you play. It does not matter if your shirt is 20 years old or if your shorts are a no brand , burned out  shorts you own for many rounds. As long as you feel great in what you wear, you are good to go and the better you feel, the better your situation.

However, there is one piece of clothing which I never did pay enough attention too and honestly never thought I have too.


Believe it or not, for the most part of my life I was simply buying the best deal wherever I could get it. Markets, department stores and so on. The cheaper the better. It did not matter to me if they were worn out fast, because they were cheap. So I just bought new socks.

A couple weeks ago my sock attitude changed. I won some certificate at a tournament and when I went shopping in the pro shop I was told I should try the FootJoy Pro Dry Golf Sock.

I was not too excited about it. 12.99 $ for two pair of golf socks? Not exactly the deal I was looking for. But I decided to give them a try. After all I just bought very good shoes ( refer to my Ecco Biom Hybrid Golf Shoe review from a few weeks ago) and was very happy  about the fact that  my feet did not hurt one time since I bought those shoes.

So why not buy some higher end socks and see what they can do for me.

Here is what I read on the back :

1. Dry Sof Moisture Control Technology throughout the sock
2. Comfort Seam Toe Enclosure for a comfortable smooth fit
3. Double -Layer Reinforced Heel for added durability
4. Fully Cushioned Sole for added support and maximum support

I tell you, all of the above sounded very good but I had no idea really what it all means. Sounded like a high tech sock. The lady referring it to me simply told me they feel great and are good.

That was easier to understand.

I now have those socks for 2 weeks and played several rounds with them.

Here is what I think:

The FootJoy Pro Dry Golf sock is a great sock, period.

It feels very comfortable. The cushion makes you feel like walking on a cloud ( at least that is what I thought),  since there is no seam, there is no strange feeling inside the shoe anymore.

I was sweating in Florida’s heat, but the socks felt nice, dry and breathing. It is my believe that this is due to the material which they call Lycra Spandex.

In all, my foot actually had a better fit in my shoe and the sock was like a glove on my foot. No slipping and gliding. Just a solid good feel. Love the fact that my ankles are not covered which I always hated the feeling of my other socks doing it. On top, I get more tanning when out in the sun.

Compared to some of my 6 pair for 10 $ amateur socks, this was a huge step forward towards feeling even more comfortable.

That is exactly what I was looking for. When I put on my socks and then my shoes, I feel like I can walk a marathon. Combined with my new other clothing, I feel confident and comfortable.

I have to agree, that the price is higher and I am not even sure yet how long they will last. But for the time being, the FootJoy ProDry golf socks are without a doubt a winner and I would recommend them without hesitation.

Surely you will find sales for it. But I would even try them at original price. Your feet are very important. In golf and in everything you do. So it is important to treat them well. With good shoes and good socks.

The fact, that those socks are Made in China is not the most exciting fact. However, I am looking for other high end socks and who knows , I might get lucky and find some Made in USA, which I would prefer by far. Suggestions and comments are as always welcome.
Give me a few more rounds and the socks a few more times in the washer and I will write an update.

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