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The Inside Approach - Slice Correction Trainer - Inside Approach review by

The Inside Approach - is it a good training aide?

One of the most common swing errors back then and today is the outside in swing.
There is no doubt, that of all swing errors, this one is single handed responsible for a never ending flow of slices and other shots which leave golfers with shots they rather don’t have.

Although it is a fact, that not all bad shots are caused by the outside in swing, this pattern is something which is worth to work on.

I was plagued by this little thing for years and even when I progressed to a single handicap player, I still had this swing path with me on the course. The difference was, that I knew how to work with it. For a while, that was satisfying to me, but while working on becoming a scratch player I found, that even though the left to right flight is the most popular with top players, it is of great benefit to be able to swing all different paths.

In 2004 one of the most simple practice tools to cure the outside in swing came finally on the market. Back then Jack Nicklaus was one of the top players of all times to endorse the item. Curing slices is big business and this product was a hit.  In 2009 I decided to get one and I used it until today and will keep using it. It is one of those things which never gets outdated, even in times of technology.

The Inside Approach is a very simple practice tool  which will help anyone who wants to seriously work on his/her golf  game.

It is easy to carry around, easy to set up and the instructional video which comes with it makes it easy to learn how to use it.

When I first took it with me to the range, I used it exclusively for my  woods, like the 3 wood and the driver. However, now I am actually using it for my irons and hybrids as well.

It is a simple concept. Take a swing and try to avoid hitting the  product, done.  Naturally that is a very short and easy way to describe it, but in a sense this is all it really is. While swinging along the target line you can use the cushion to help you swing through the ball towards the target. The idea is to swing below the cushion.

The way the Inside Approach is  made makes sure that even when you actually hit the item, you will not get hurt and the inside approach will not break or hurt your clubs.

When I go on the range, I usually warm up for half an hour around the green and then go to the range to work on specific goals. Whenever those goals include long irons or woods, I would set up the practice device and take my first few swings using the Inside Approach.

Once satisfied with my feel and shots, I step back and work on my shots without it. If then not satisfied with the outcome, I will use the Inside Approach again until I reached my goal. At times one session will not be enough, but you will be surprised how fast you progress using this tool.

What I really like about it, is that you can easily carry it in your bag. It comes with a nice little  sack and is very light.

Further I like that it is easy to understand and usable for any player, beginner or advanced. There is a benefit for everyone.

Last, I like the fact that you can use it at home. Either with real balls hitting into a practice net or without hitting balls, just to work on the feel of your swing. Take 100 swings  a day using the Inside Approach and you will improve.

The price back then was not very attractive. I believe the first units cost about 80 $. But that changed long time ago and you will find the Inside Approach for much better prices all over the internet.

I practice a lot and over the years I used many different products to work on my swing and game. The Inside Approach is one practice aid which I kept for now 4 years. Whenever I am in doubt, I take it with me and use it on the range. Sometimes just to reinforce my feel.

When not using it, I can easily store it just by hanging it on a  little hook, so it does not even take any space.

If you have chance to get one or try one, do it. It is a great product and it will never be outdated.

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