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Snohomish County Golf Course in Snohomish, WA - short review

When writing about golf courses or practice facilities I differ between a short review and a in depth review. A short review being a short text describing my experience at my visit as well as some observations. This will be good enough to give an overview and to make a decision if the course, place or facility will be visited. I also will include the official link of every location at the bottom of the text so readers can take a closer look.

Club house and kiosk                           Fairway and landscape

A Short review ofa  round of golf on Snohomish Golf Course in July 2012

Monday July 2nd 2012 we decided to go and play a round of golf as a family and after over 10 years, Snohomish Golf Course sounded really good. I remembered this course for its natural lay out and for not being too busy. When I say natural lay out, I am talking about how they perfectly fit this course into nature as it is in this area. Without altering much of the original landscape.

We looked it up on the website, which was easy  to navigate and called to get a tee time. But there was no need for tee times at that point. Snohomish Golf Course is about 25 minutes from Mill Creek , WA which is 18 miles north of Seattle. The ride to the course is nice by itself if you take the back routes. Great views of the mountains and the terrain. It will put you in a relaxed state of mind before going on the course.
We found it easily by following our GPS system. Arriving we parked our car and signed in in the pro-shop. The rates are a little high when I think about golfing in Florida. You pay green fee and cart fee separate, which makes it about 34 to 40 USD a player. This is a little much I must say. However, they offer senior discounts and we had a coupon from Pro Golf Discount after shopping there.(so I highly recommend to check for coupons online, at stores or check the tee time booking websites). That saved us some good money. The fact that my mother , who was not playing, had to pay the same cart fee as the players was not very positive and highly unusual. But, we could live with that.
We found our carts, which looked decent and were able to tee off right away. Already on the first hole I noticed that the course was in good condition. Nicely groomed and taken care of from fairways to rough and even around trees and other locations along each hole.

The greens were slow, but looked nice as well. Big difference to many greens in Florida, as some of the courses are simply dried out. Also the tee boxes were nice and green even if not always even.

The location of the course is wonderful. In the middle of our wonderful nature with many old and big trees, some ponds and flowers. When you walk the course, you really feel as being part of your surroundings and of nature. No doubt, that you will relax being out there ( if you do not let your game get in the way.

I really liked the pace of play although we had groups in front of us and behind us. It was not slow at all and  I believe that was partly because it is a long course and most of the players I saw, were walking.

When you look at the course online you might think it is too long for beginners and that there is not much room. But fact is, that this course is great for very good players as a challenge and great for beginners as it is with few difficult bunkers, hazards or out of bounds.

My partners loved the fact to play the entire round with 1 ball ! So no loss at all. I really liked the length of the blue tees. So I could practice for the next tournament and they had a great time.
After the round we had a hot dog, some fries and onion rings. Hot dogs were good, home cut fries tasted good but it was a small portion and the onion rings were ok. Just remember, that it is a little kiosk, not a restaurant.
Overall, this course is a nice course for an afternoon round. Great nature setting. Old trees. Nicely groomed and taken care of. Prices are ok, however the cart fee is too high It is a little hilly for walking, so make sure you can handle a long walk before you decide to do so.

Whenever we are back up there and get a chance we will stop by again and play a friendly round.

Check out their website for current rates, events and other info






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