Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ecco Biom Hyrbrid Golf Shoes - In my mind, the best golf hybrid shoe out there

Ecco Biom Hybrid Golf Shoe - Review

It has been 25 years now since I began to play golf. Without a doubt, this is my passion and my life. Needless to say, that I do play a lot and spend countless hours on the practice range.
One of the things I learned over the years is, that good equipment is crucial to accomplish good performance. This counts for all parts of golf , from clubs to accessories and clothes.
But if I would have to pick one single item which has one of the biggest impacts on my game I would, without hesitation, pick the shoe.
The golf shoe you wear has a huge impact on your game. Period.
When I first started I always looked for those sales. Half off, 80 % sales and so on. The shoes I bought were never more than 50 $. Back then, when I was in my 20s, I thought that is the right thing to do and I did not feel much difference.
Never had many problems with my feet and did not believe, that it has an impact on my game.
I was wrong.
About 8 years ago I was due to get new shoes. While shopping , I again was looking for those sales. But this time I got lucky. I was not alone. My partner was with me and she told me right away, to not make the same mistake again. She reminded me of my complaints about hurting feet, slipping while swinging and putting and so on. I  about two pairs of back then top of the line Adidas and never regretted it.
A few weeks ago I realized that it is time again to get new shoes. I practice and play a lot and usually I am walking. Also I am a little heavier and have a wide foot. So , what I am looking for is a high quality shoe with comfort inserts and permanent spikes. Good leather and new technology.
I went to Golfsmith and started eliminating shoes. Adidas had nothing to offer. Footjoy looked good but did not feel right. Nike felt ok, but strange in a way. ( I do not list all the models now).
Then I put my foot in a shoe and it felt like vacation for my feet.
Ecco Biom Hybrid !
The moment I put on this shoe , I knew , that this is the solution I was looking for.
It looked good, felt great and was like made for me. It almost felt, that the shoe wrapped itself around my foot. Strange.
I already made up my mind. Then I saw the price. 189 $. Wow. For a moment I hesitated and almost thought to try on some other shoes. But then I remembered my hurting feet, my discomfort when getting ready to hit a shot and I decided that this was the shoe I am looking for.
We went home and I went online to find some reviews to confirm what I experienced and was pleasantly surprised, that the majority of the players wrote excellent reviews ( you will never get 100 % for anything ).
This sealed the deal. I did some research online and we found the shoes for a good deal. Only a few days later I had them and started to use them. First for a night out ( they are hybrids). Felt good and they look great. I even got a compliment from a server at a restaurant.
Next on the range. From the first ball to the last 3 hours later , the shoes felt great.
So I was ready for the course. I walked 18 holes playing an executive course of close to 5000 yards. No problem and I felt great before the round , while playing and after the round. Next I played a full  size course walking 18 holes ( River Run Golf Links in Bradenton, blue tees at about 6300 yards) and again. Great feelings only. When I set up over my shot I feel great looking at my shoes and that feeling translates in an overall comfort and relaxation.
My third round was at Bobby Jones Golf Complex in Sarasota. 18 holes walking ( blue tees, 6400 yards).
The best thing is, that when I come home, I have no pain and the next morning , my feet are doing great.
The Ecco Biom Hybrid has a great insert sole which naturally fits your arch.  They  give a  2 year guarantee on it. That tells you the confidence in the material.
The sole consists of small little spike like rubber. Feels great while walking on anything. Most important, you do not sleep ( however I would pay attention on wet wood, like a bridge on the course or so. Rubber and wet wood do not get along well). The sole has a 2 year warranty as well. Meaning, if it runs down within the time period, you will get new shoes without question.

The yak leather is much stronger than cow leather. So , now doubt, that they will last longer and stay in shape. The process Ecco uses to put the shoes together is very unique and promises a long life for your shoes. Please refer to their website for details on that.

This is the best shoe I ever had. Although only owning it for a short period of time, I for now will say that this shoe gives great comfort, is of good quality and lives up to the companies promise.

The price is a little high. However, your feet are the anchor of your swing , health and ability to do any sport. So you need to protect them.

Saving $ on your shoes is a huge mistake. Rather save on clothes, balls or anything for a while and keep you feet safe and sound.

Although I believe that the Ecco Biom Hybrid is the perfect golf shoe, I am aware that not everyone will feel the same way. But I highly encourage you to try it when you are in a golf store next time.


  1. Here is my first update. I played the last 4 rounds of golf walking the full 18 holes. That includes one 2 day tournament. I was tired, burned and my body was pretty worn out. The only part of my body which was totally pain free and without any exhaustion were my feet. So far the shoes live up to my expectations and to all the reviews I read and wrote. I even wear them at times in the evening. My next update will not be until mid or end of summer unless something happens. So , I am happy and so are my feet.

  2. It is now August and I am playing this shoes for some time. You have to understand that I play or practice every single day. So my shoes get a lot of action. So far I am still satisfied. I have 2 other pairs of shoes ( for which I did not write any thing yet) and so I can give my bioms some rest at times. There is two things I noticed and I have to check out. 1. The rubber spikes on the outside of the shoe seem to have gotten shorter. That comes as a surprise as I was told they will last 2 years minimum. But, since I am not sure if they actually did shorten, I will have to go to the store first and check it. 2. On the heel of the shoe at times I think it feels like there is air in the sole. This feeling I had before with a different shoe ( for which I did not write yet either) and it was a clear sign that the shoe was going bad. However, again, I am not 100 % positive that it is actually happen. I have to report, that my feet did not hurt once since I play this shoe and for practice I just got another pair of Eccos for which I will write in the next 24 hours. I will write a separate blog entry once I checked out the facts of what I feel or see. Any comments in regards to experiences?