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Peridia Golf and Country Club - short review of playing golf at Peridia Golf and Country Club

Peridia Golf and Country Club - 4950 Peridia Blvd. E , Bradenton, FL 34203

Find more photos below the review including the scorecard!

I drive by this entrance sign for 4 years now. Also I saw the advertisement for this club on TV for years. Yet, I have never driven into the complex nor did I play or visit the pro shop there.
Amazing to say the least. After all , I worked in golf wholesale and visited hundreds of locations all over Florida.

So why did I not stop here at a course which is only 15 minutes from my home? The answer is simple. I have no idea! I just did not. Maybe because it is an executive course or maybe because I just did not think there was a course worth my time there.

But let us leave this behind. I am lucky to work with a friend, who is an artist, once in awhile on some projects in neighborhoods across the area. This time it happened to be a project right in this country club.

So there was my chance to finally drive in there and see what homes are there, what course was there and so on.

But I got even more lucky. The last day of our work in this complex my friend asked me if I would like to play a round on this course. I was excited right away. Although I by then knew that it was an executive course, I strongly believe that all courses are fun to play and even executive course can be a great challenge and of very good quality.

We had a tee time for 12:26 pm on a Thursday. Weather looked good even though cloudy, so I was sure we will make it without getting wet.

I did not go into the pro shop for check in. Since I was invited I totally forgot to take a look just for my writings. However, I will add a comment about the shop when I actually was in there. Same counts for restaurant and other parts of the club.

We got the cart fast. It was clean and ready to go. The cart boy was friendly from what I saw and we were told to tee off whenever we are ready. We went over to the water station and got ourselves fresh water with ice, as we did not know if there is any water on the course. Which there is.

Right beside number 1 is a putting green and we took some time to putt, but  it was  sanded and not in best shape. So we decided to take off.

The tee boxes all over the course are acceptable. You find level stance on each one of them even though at some you have to take a good look.

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The fairways were all in good shape and for the most part the ball finds good lies.

All the greens were in good shape as well and although not the fastest, it was nice putting them. Seems like they try hard to make them as pure as possible.

The landscape of the course is nice for how it was build. There is ponds and trees and some brushes. All of them adding to making this course a decent challenge.

It was nice to see that the course is well taken care off. Surely they have a good greens keeper and a crew who pays attention to detail when they work on the course.

The par 4s are interesting and although not long, they offer a tight landing zone and lots of trouble around it.

Par 3s are of different length and have a good layout.

There is not much more to tell about the course. It is a  short executive course in  very good shape offering challenging holes and a nice landscape.

To me the atmosphere was friendly and I can see it being a very busy place in season.

We paid 11.95 plus tax for 18 holes including cart, which is a great deal. I am not sure about the price in season but will add the info later.

I must say, that I was pleasantly surprised and am excited to have this course so close by. There is no doubt, that I will return if I can. It is a nice practice course and always good for a fast afternoon round for a good deal.

Not sure what they offer in terms of memberships, but know that the advertise it heavily on TV as the best executive course deal around.
If you are in the area and look for a fast round of golf on a good executive course for a  fair price, stop by at Peridia Golf and Country Club.

Scorecard of Peridia Golf and Country Club

Back side of scorecard of Peridia Golf and Country Club

Hole 12 at Peridia Golf and Country Club

Hole 15 at Peridia Golf and Country Club

Hole 17 at Peridia Golf and Country Club

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