Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Cradlz Smartphone Holder - Is it a good product?

The Cradlz Smartphone Holder
Technology in golf is moving on and I now start moving with it. It took me a while to read up on all my options on how to help myself and my game in a professional matter.
There is a few things I integrated in to my practice routine. One of them is videotaping my practice as often as possible.
I began with a JVC video cam and was not unhappy with that even though it was complicated. At least I thought it was. Then I learned that there are several sports analysis software applications for Smartphones on the market. After some research I found and purchased one and was pretty excited and looking forward to get to the driving range. Once there and ready to start however, I discovered that I had a challenge.
I was alone!
This represented a problem. Since I usually used a tripod or had a partner with me. Both were not available. So when coming home I started looking for a solution right away.
On one of my favorite golf shopping websites I found exactly what I was looking for.
The Cradlz Universal Smartphone holder.
I purchased the item and within a few days I had it on my doorstep. I unpacked it right away and was on the spot surprised on how solid the item felt. Pretty solid. Instructions were simple. All you need is a practice stick and you are ready to go.
Took it out to the range for a first session a couple days later. First I tried it with was chipping. I put the stick in the ground, opened the application, placed the Smartphone in the holder and secured it.
At that point I noticed that the screen was showing towards the back of the holder (away from you). That made not many functions on the screen accessible, but the record button was easily to reach, which is the most important thing.
I taped several swings through my application which made the above mentioned challenge even more obvious. Then I taped a couple sequences with my Smartphone camera feature and without the application. For that I was able to turn my phone around and use the front cam which had the benefit that I could see myself. Interesting thing, which I thought will be very useful in the future.
I then took the stick and went over to the range. Worked on my driver. First I taped some swings from behind and then from head on. All worked well.
The Cradlz Smartphone holder was really easy to operate.
It took seconds to attach it to the practice stick. Clips on really easy. I was able to secure the phone easily and take it out just as easy.

At the end of the day I can say the following about the Cradlz Smartphone Holder.
It is light but durable.  You can attach it in any height which enables you to shoot videos even on just over ground level, which is great for putting and fitting.
The cushions on the inside of the Cradlz protect your device. So you can use it with or without your Smartphone protection case ( I find it better without because it fits better and more tight ).
They write it fits most Smartphones. I carry an HTC and there was plenty of room for wider phones. I would check before you order it.
Overall I think that the Cradlz  Smartphone holder lives up to what they say it will do and look forward to work with it.
I paid 29.99 $. Not sure if that is the best price you can get it for. Surely you can shop around.
Great product. Somebody has the same item in use? Share your experience or opinion.
Couple more photos of the stick and the holder.
 Cradlz Holder on Practice Stick from front
 Cradlz from behind on Practice Stick
Backside of package with some professionals who used it. Front shows Bill Haas who said he likes it.


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