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Samsonite Trunk Organizer/ Locker - Is it worth to buy it and how good is it?

Samsonite Trunk Organizer/Locker - great way to organize your golf stuff

I am playing golf for decades and there is not a day I leave the house without my car being ready for golf at any time.

That meant for me. My golf bag was packed. I had a couple of pairs of shoes in the trunk, towels, a bag with tees and stuff and a bag with extra clothes. Also I had all kinds of things floating around every car I was driving at the time.

It worked out well, but most likely was a disaster and not nice to look at . I have to say, that while I was a single , it was not a problem and I felt OK with that. But times have changed and now I am sharing the car with my wonderful partner and the last I want her to see is chaos when she gets in the car and off to work or shopping.

So I did what I was planing for years. Buy a trunk organizer and get , yes you guessed it, organized.

The above photo is the official photo of a website and the stuff in the organizer is not mine. But below you will find some photos of my actual things.

I bought this item through an online retailer and got it for a good price. 39.99 $. I thought for the brand and for what it is , that is a good deal. Since I never had one, I did not know what to expect. After ordering I sat back and waited for my new addition to my golf mission.

I received it fast and right away check it out. It looked good , but was much more flat than I have pictured it. But after ready the little instruction tag I found out, that you can fold down the shoe department if you do not need it and have a flat case for easy storage. This is how it looked like after assembling it.

I already had the shoes in in this photo, but you can see how it is higher with the shoe dividers in it. When it came it was flat because they were not upside. You can use it like that as well if you like.

First I looked at the quality. It is a light case and certainly nothing you want to travel on an airplane with. Because it is very light, it is also not that solid. I liked that, because I need to take it in and out of the car all the time. Playing and practicing 7 days a week requires to be ready and organized all the time.

The top compartment came pre-assembled and I just had to open the bottom and stand up the dividers to get it all ready. I checked for any damages or so , but could not find anything.

So I looked at the photo on the tag ( which was similar to the one above) and started putting my things in. Only 30 minutes later I was done.

My shoes and extra flip flops were in the bottom part. This I really like. it has a see through  net like material in the front which enables the compartment to air out and help your shoes to stay fresher.

You can see the shoes in this photo.

The top I used for cloth, accessories and things like drink mixes, tea mixes, sun cream and so on. As you can see on my personal photos I have some tees in there and other things.

I now use it for 3 weeks and I love it. When I come home I put it back in my garage, open it and sort out dirty clothes etc. Then I replenish the case with fresh close and everything I might need for the next round, tournament or practice. I close her up and the case goes in its spot.

The garage looks much more organized. The car is clean and organized and I have everything ready and know where it is. I love it.

In regards to quality of the item. Well , it is a Samsonite. But it is a very light case. The material is a light and kind of breathing kind of stuff. The handles are simple foam, but I believe sufficient for the task and with having two of those handles placed perfectly, one on each side, this case is very easy to carry.

The compartments have dividers which are also lightweight and not something you want put pressure on. They are dividers and that is all they can do :) . The lid has 3 net bags with rubber on top to keep them closed when you have things in there ( like I have tees in them ).  Not the strongest rubber band I have seen, but it will serve the purpose for now and if taken care of well, they might last for a couple years or so. There is another net bag above those . This one has a zipper and in the manual it said this compartment is for money and wallet and so on. But I keep divot tools and ball makers in it. I have my money on me at all times. There is also a phone pouch, which I have not tried yet and some for pens and markers. I found that I can have all my stuff I need for that day including a full change of clothes , towels, hats and so and so on all in this organizer. I also have 3 pairs of shoes in it.

I do not put them in there when they are wet though. I wait until they are dry and then clean them and put them back.

The Zippers are OK, but do not look like the strongest kind. So we will see how long they actually will hold.

The Samsonite Trunk Organizer/ Locker is a great product serving it’s purpose with ease.  It is very light and easy to handle. It remains to be seen how good the quality of the production is and I will report about it in a few months or whenever there is something to report.

Meanwhile I think it is a good buy for the price. If you want to be better organized and make some room in your garage, room or car, the #Samsonite Trunk Organizer is a good product to  get.

Here are some photos of the Organizer and how I use it.

Top Compartment with lit as described above. You can store clothes and much more in it. It also has a bigger pouch behind the net bags which is close able with a zipper. I guess it is for paperwork or so.

The handles are simple foam parts. So I am not sure how long they will hold, but they feel good and serve the purpose.

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