Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Yellow Wilson Staff Duo Golf Balls - How do they play and feel

1 week ago I finally decided to give the yellow ball a try. When I say I finally decided I have to say, that for the past 25 years I successfully played white balls. It never even occurred to me to try a yellow ball, because nobody every played them and most ball companies did not bother to make a high quality ball in that color. But over the years there was many situations which really upset me. They were all the same. I hit a good shot. Everybody agreed that I did and when I got to the spot where the ball should have been, we could not find it. Loosing balls in fairways or in spots which are not necessarily difficult spots always upset me. On several occasions I not only lost the ball , but the tournament. Not very exciting and at times costly. So back to the ball. Since I play the Wilson Staff Duo ( which I prefer by far over the Titleist ProV 1) I thought, let us try the yellow version. Immediately I found that the yellow they are using is not as bright as the yellow other companies put on their balls. I found that much easier to get used to and still bright enough. The first tee off was really strange. I mean, totally strange to me. The ball looked much bigger and it shined right into my eyes :). However, I hat a great tee off with the ball. The second shot was similar in feeling. But I was able to play it well and ended up with a birdie on a hole I did not birdie in a couple weeks. After a couple holes, I actually was totally used to the ball and loved it. There was not a tee off I had after which I could not see the ball from the tee box. Be it in the fairway or in the rough. When I hit my ball into some high grass, no problem. Much easier to find. Within tree groups, no problem at all. On the green, this ball looks different and to me, much better. Almost like it was supposed to be like that. I could line up and picture the ball better as it rolls towards the hole. If you visited this blog before or our website you might have read my Wilson Staff Duo Golf ball review. This yellow ball has all the same features, feels and qualities as his white brother. However, I must say , that it is a nice ball to play and I can see it better. It feels bigger and is easy to find around the course. I will start playing the Wilson Duo Staff Yellow ball from here on and see how it goes. The price is the same and you find it at and at many golf shops. Let me know how you feel about it and if it helps you play better and find more balls after hitting them off the fairway. They play great and feel good.

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